Welcome to the Southern Highlands Rifle Club

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The club offers a wide range of shooting activities for both beginner and experienced shooters.
Club events include activities for rifle calibers ranging from air rifle through to 8 mm center fire rifles.
The club also holds special events on the 5th Saturdays of the month including Lever Action Rifles, Blackpowder, etc.
The main range at Hill Top caters for shooting events from 20 meters to 800 meters.
The club operates most Saturdays and visitors and guests are most welcome to drop in and say hello.

Please see our club calendar for further information.

Club History

The Southern Highlands Rifle club has a long history within the Southern Highlands region, with the club being an amalgamation of Moss Vale and Burrawang Rifle Clubs which were both formed in 1898, and eventually joining forces with Bowral and Mittagong Rifle Clubs. Through research it is believed that the Moss Vale Club was originally formed in 1890 as the Moss Vale Rifle Reserve Rifle Club.
All of these clubs then became the Bowral-Mittagong Rifle Club and subsequently amalgamated in July 1932. The club colours were black and yellow.
Shooting at this time was held on the old Welby Rifle Range with the area being gazetted for recreational purposes in 1886.
There was a cessation of shooting during World War II and the club re-commenced its activities again at Welby in 1946/47.
On the clubs eventual move to Hilltop the name was changed to Southern Highlands Rifle Club (SHRC) to represent all of the previous clubs that were part of the area's history.
The current club colours were a gift from the members of the prestigious Parramatta Rifle Club which ceased shooting in 1988 after a hundred years.

Club Facilities

The club has it's own modern clubhouse with toilets, showers and disability access.
The club has small quantities of ammunition, reloading supplies and cleaning equipment available.
Please note that stores are not kept on the premises and all items may not be available unless requested.

Southern Highlands Rifle Club

Based at the Hill Top Rifle Range with ranges from 20 metres to 800 metres and offering a variety of disciplines including rimfire, F class and target rifle


~ To promote and develop the sport of target shooting in the Southern Highlands.

To achieve this the club will:
  1. give instruction in the safe and efficient handling of firearms and related activities;
  2. promote practice and competitions aimed at proficiency in target shooting;
  3. further the sport of competitive target shooting;
  4. give instruction in and encourage responsible and environmentally sustainable recreational hunting practices;
  5. promote an appreciation of the history and role of firearms in society through interest in the activity of firearms collecting;
  6. use all available means to place competitive target shooting generally and all other activities of the Club before the public in a favourable manner;
  7. promote good citizenship within the Southern Highlands district;
  8. set down and enforce the basic requirements and rules for all activities to be conducted by the Club.
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